Who Makes FRED?

Founded in 1997 Photon Engineering is an optical engineering software and consulting firm, and are the creators of industry-leading raytracing software FRED.

CBS Japan is the exclusive distributor of FRED in Japan.

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FRED Features


3D graphical interface for model rendering, construction and verification
Import lens data from lens design software such as Zemax, CODE V, OSLO
Import and export 3D CAD files such as IGES, STEP, OBJ, etc.  
Non-sequential and sequential ray tracing 
Latest catalog data such (glasses, optical components, etc.)
Coherent Beam propagation 
Multithreading using up to 17 threads 


All features included in FRED standard 
Multivariable optimizer 
Tolerancing analysis 
System Configurations Manager             
Parameter Pickups
Distributed calculation function on unlimited PCs 
Multithreading using up to 63 threads 


All features included in FRED Standard & Optimum 
GPU based raytrace calculation            
150x faster raytrace             
Linear scaling with number of GPUs             
FREDmpc requires only a NVIDIA GPU board



FREDmpc is currently the only fully functional, general purpose optical engineering software that uses GPUs.

FREDmpc is designed to address the most valuable resource in any organization - time.

Optical simulation tools have an increasing role in the development of optical systems, providing analyses during initial product design, and diagnostic forensics during manufacture and testing. It becomes increasingly important that the software used should provide the highest accuracy results possible, in the shortest amount of time possible.

FREDmpc delivers accurate results over 100x faster than CPU based calculations. This allows for more time to be spent engineering and less time waiting.